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Nonprofit Partnerships
By partnering with CommunityAid, nonprofits agree to allow CommunityAid to place a clothing collection bin on their property or other locations visible to the public. Easily recognizable, CommunityAid bins are tan and feature three helping hands.

The donated clothing in the bins is removed several times each week and sold in CommunityAid thrift stores. Based on the weight of the clothing in each bin, the nonprofit is awarded with a quarterly cash donation per pound.

In addition, partners receive Care Cards for the needy in their area,which can be used in one of CommunityAid’s thrift stores. Following an introductory period of partnership, the organization is eligible to apply for grants during announced grant application periods.

The partnerships between CommunityAid and local nonprofit organizations has enabled these organizations to continue to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in our local communities.

Interested in hosting a bin and making some money for your church or organization?  Contact a CommunityAid representative for your area:

Hanover/Mechanicsburg/York – Joan Stremmel

Harrisburg/Lancaster/Selinsgrove – Lynn Whitten

Business Partnerships
Partnerships are also open to local businesses. When a business agrees to place a clothing bin on their property, they choose the nonprofit that will receive the quarterly donations from that particular bin. Business partners have found that allowing a CommunityAid bin on their property demonstrates their interest in the community while drawing more traffic to their business.

Reasons for your business to get involved:

  • Since 2009, CommunityAid has donated over $13.2 million dollars to area charities. What business wouldn’t want to say they financially support local charities?
  • CommunityAid is a green business. We recycle and re-purpose gently-used donated items and get them into the hands of those who can still use them. Hundreds of thousands of customers are served yearly.
  • You will have a positive impact on your employees when you encourage and assist them in helping others.
  • Want exposure for your business?  CommunityAid will acknowledge your partnership in our marketing and social media avenues.

Ways for your business to get involved:

  • Host a bin.
  • Set up an employee volunteer day at CommunityAid. It’s a great way for your employees to feel a part of helping their community.
  • Include CommunityAid information in your company newsletter or social media.  CommunityAid offers a tax receipt for all donations.
  • If you have a company giving plan, consider adding CommunityAid Thrift Stores as a charitable option for your employees to  financially support.
  • Remodeling the office? Donate the gently-used items you’re replacing and re-purpose them.
  • Do you have a warehouse or storage facility full of sellable inventory? Don’t continue paying rent! Donate those items to CommunityAid. We offer pick up and your donations are tax-deductible.
  • Add a link to the CommunityAid website onto your company’s resource page.
  • CommunityAid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Partnering with CommunityAid is a win-win relationship. Everyone wins—your business, the charities, the environment, your community…truly making your donation apart of  “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.

Community Programs

Community Service
Individuals at CommunityAid are able to complete their court-ordered community service hours while learning through experience about our nonprofit retail business which supports local charitable organizations. For more information on community service call the Store Manager at the location of your choice.